further notice in this world

Posted by MAGNIFICENT on July 6, 2013 at 3:20 PM
Come on, come on generation We all need somebody to lean on [Chorus] In this world, full up ah problems Only Jah can solve them yeah.. In this world Never leave I oh Jah please stay right by my side Verse 1 Life is a journey with lots of sign Sometimes surprises they blow your mind So beware And if you don't listen to the prophecies You'll end up in places you don't wanna be So beware Revelation, dedication, determination No frustration, communication, youth's fi stay strong Trust in jah and you shall live [Chorus] [Verse 2] College lifestyle, its a free style Fancy parties, highly profiled In the real world, lots of fake smile Don't be foolish take my advice A seh the world have problems while I have mine Still give thanks fi see the sunshine yeah Open your eyes stop acting blind Shoulda pree life but you a pree the coin yeah People will fail you in this time Trust in jah and not mankind He's the one the only divine to guide us through this time [Chorus] Come on .... generation Come on (2x) .... generation Never leave i oh Jah please stay right by my side

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