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i337 boot loop or update to lollipop

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full tutotorial here>>>>

for those that needs video

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by goldsalltime

how to install whatsapp on ipad

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Guys, for installing Whatsapp on your iPad, below are the simple instructions:


1) You must have Jailbroken iPad.

2) From Cydia, you need to install tweak called "WhatsPad"

3) Connect your iPad to PC and go to iTunes / App Store and download "Whatsapp".

4) After downloading "Whatsapp" go to Drive C:/ Users/My music/iTunes/iTunes media/mobile applications. There will you see Whatsapp IPA downloaded from Appstore. (copy that and past...

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sim lock

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How top remove any samsung sim lock or phone lock There are two options one master lock which on usual ocasions restore even your serial number so thing twice before unless u are willing to risk the code is *2767*3855#. The other method is to remove simlock cause master code can't remove this breach because is set before eeprom so you have to take your sim card and place it fone switch on so the it will ask code then you have to dial sos this will open locked all keys you to be fast now... Read Full Post »

smartphone maket share

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The smartphone landscape in the United States last quarter paints a familiar picture, according to newly released Nielsen data: the winners ? namely Apple and Samsung ? kept winning while the rest of the pack continued to fight for scraps. Nielsen?s U.S. smartphone market share report for Q2 2013 shows Apple?s lead narrowing as its market share jumped to 40% from 34% in the year-ago quarter. Over the same period of time, Samsung increased its smartphone market share from 17.5% in Q2 201... Read Full Post »

kasha question

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Girl you asked me this morning, would I give you anything Everything in this world is for you, you can ask me anything Oh, don?t be afraid, I?m not like your ex boyfriend I want to tell you like it is You are baby, and this feeling is so real And with this ring, I?m gonna make you a lady You don?t have to question my heart, I love you Baby can?t you see in my eyes, I love you You don?t have to question my heart, I love you Baby can?t you see in my eyes, I love you I?ll try to change ... Read Full Post »

further notice in this world

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Come on, come on generation We all need somebody to lean on [Chorus] In this world, full up ah problems Only Jah can solve them yeah.. In this world Never leave I oh Jah please stay right by my side Verse 1 Life is a journey with lots of sign Sometimes surprises they blow your mind So beware And if you don't listen to the prophecies You'll end up in places you don't wanna be So beware Revelation, dedication, determination No frustration, communication, youth's fi stay strong Trus... Read Full Post »

Music\Reggae\Queen Ifrica>tymes likethis

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One civilization is not complete without it's art

The highest form of expression of human intellegence

You have have become complacent

Sitting down and allowing the other nations to run away with everything

You have become a bunch of consumers

You are creators

rise up mighty people and accommplish what you will

Without confidence you're twice defeated in the race of life


Verse 1:

They took away the voice...

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